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Extra pounds interfere with life, but you can’t lose weight. After eating lunch you want to eat again, doing sports doesn’t help. Most likely you have metabolic syndrome (decreased insulin sensitivity), your diet is rich in carbohydrates, and the trendy keto diet is just what you need! What is this diet and how to endure it, get back to normal weight and no longer get fat, our expert nutritionist Milana Bruzer is ready to explain.


Milana Bruzer
is a nutritionist, nutritionist, author of articles and monographs on carbohydrate-free nutrition. 34 years of experience

Excessive weight that you cannot influence is the first sign of metabolic syndrome. In this state, the body loses its sensitivity to insulin, the main hormone responsible for fat (lipid) metabolism. So much insulin is produced that the body is unable to burn stored fat.

98% of diets do not help metabolic syndrome. Training too. Just relax a little and eat an extra dessert, and you gain weight even faster.

According to the latest data, every 4th man and every 3rd woman that have excessive weight over 15 kg have metabolic syndrome





Why Does it happen?


Reason # 1 – excess carbohydrates in the diet. You don’t have to overeat sweets and cakes to gain weight, sometimes even an extra chocolate eaten in excess of the norm can trigger this process. Therefore, no one is immune from metabolic syndrome. Even the young girls who “eat everything and don’t get fat.”

Thus, the only solution for metabolic syndrome is a complete or partial rejection of carbohydrates.

This is the principle behind the trendy keto diet. It is good because it is impossible to stay hungry on it. Although carbohydrates are forbidden, fat and protein foods can be eaten in plenty.







I irresponsibly ate like usual hoping that my weight would go away on its own just like the other two times. That didn’t do me any good. My youngest was 6 months old and my excess weight kept increasing (people even thought I was pregnant with a fourth). My youngest was always restless, he hardly gave me a break and needed to be held all the time. I was always busy with the kids and with my husband at work and stressed out. So that pushed me to eat sweet, breaded and salty foods repeatedly like in a cycle. I was a pig. My slightest movements caused me to break out in sweat and my heart to beat like mad.

With Keto Bullet, the body reaches ketosis in 2-4 days. Even if your keto diet is not too strict and you can afford to eat a sweet tea roll or a fruit snack.

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